30 mar. 2010

The road of happiness

The human being lives thinking he's in a quest for happiness. He gets often confused between happiness and joy, even when he knows that joy is an emotion that cannot last forever, that finds its balance in sadness, and he gets confused again when in his quest for happiness he still chooses to suffer. And then he looks for the smile that will make worth the effort of having suffered that much. But it's only worth to suffer if it's the way you choose, if you live counting on it, if you think of your war marks as honorable to show, if to show that you can stand anything, it's of course a merit. The human being constantly looks for the approval of a pair, even when the act of realizing is personal.
Each one of us chooses our own road, and every act and thought are just a road between many roads. It's one way to suffer, and another to be happy. Joy is a short road, a transition one, a path that links other two roads. To choose to live forever in that little path would imply to stop walking, to stop circulating, because when you would start to walk, you'd see a dead end. But to be truly happy forever, it is possible. And the road of happiness is just that, a road. All choices made along the way will have the peculiarity of being made where they have been, and will follow that way.
On the road of happiness one doesn't look for smiles, because that smile will be motivated by looking anywhere, because the world is full of wonders. On the road of happiness one doesn't feel guilty about another one's suffering, because one knows suffering is just another choice, another road; he is aware, and if he loves the one who suffers, one will try to help, but doesn't feel guilty. One doesn't suppose either that anyone means any harm to oneself, doesn't suppose about one's self importance; one knows who one is because one looks inside with the same eyes one looks outside, one knows that facts are and thought aren't yet, and taking something as true when it's not just brings confusion, just fog on the road.
One that walks the road of happiness doesn't fear death, because one knows it's inevitable, and one's happy walking up to where he is at every step, because he knows he'll never get to walk the whole road. Then oneself thinks at oneself's death as motivation, not as something terrible, because remembering that this act might as well be the last will take oneself to make one's biggest effort, will take oneself to stop lying to oneself, to improve one's spirit until the last second. One who walks the road of happiness is not afraid to move, because he knows something good is waiting ahead.
What a pity, the fool who lives happy in his happy in his absence of self knowledge, because he will never get to walk this road.

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